Anorexia, Beth Just Consuming Tea and Coffee Until the Weight is 25 Kg

May 27, 2018 |

smart detox Cambridge, Often dibully in school, Beth Hall (24) are willing to do excessive diet. Unfortunately, it continues until Beth’s natural anorexia and weighs just 25 kg because every day, Beth only consume 10 calories. “” No matter what body weight I reduce, each of my reflections always assumes my body is fat. Time at school, I always forget lunch. Especially in th. 2008 when my mother was diagnosed with skin cancer, I could not eat because she happened to be treating the hospital, “Beth told her.

Everyday, just coffee and tea diasup by Beth with the number of calories more or less 10. Anorexia faced by Beth make it must be out of campus in th. 2009. Because, at that time Beth admitted can not concentrate with the lesson and can only think of what foods he can not consume. After leaving college, Beth had been a sales assistant at a chocolate shop. However, his body was so weak and thinner from time to time. Got in th. 2011, he suffered a kidney infection. Doctors warned Beth might die if she let her body always starve. Also read: Body Thin Caused Because of Eating Problems There Are Tumors in the Brain “” The doctor mentioned even he can feel my body organs under the skin. Suddenly I understood that I needed help to cure this problem. Although I did not like the prefix food and asked to eat, but I realize I must do it, “” Beth said, taken from the Daily Mail, Thursday (16/4/2015).

After 4 months of therapy, Beth can eat normally. Even now, he has returned to college majoring in graphics at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. However, Beth still often relapsed not wanting to eat. However, therapy makes it possible to deal with the recurrence. “” All the families are so anxious when my weight drops out. Currently I like to have a normal body weight and use size 8 clothing. I expect a different girl who suffers from anorexia can be encouraged to change his condition. However, the help for our natural eating problems is there and we better handle this eating problem, “” Beth’s message. Also read: Steps to Calculate Body Fat or Thin (rdn / vit)

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