6 Foods that Slimming Women

May 29, 2018 |

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Jakarta Women always crave a healthy body, slim, and fit until they sincerely choose to choose all types of food in this world. However, a good diet system when a person can balance the nutrient dense from the amount of food that is less than the amount of normal person’s diet.

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Taken from the page Prevention, Sunday (14/02/2016) there are many types of foods that offer solid nutrition but can slim body women. This food can be consumed daily.
1. Pear
According to research published in the Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences, find that eating pear regularly lower the potential for obesity by 35%, in the appeal of people who do not consume this fruit.
The content of a fiber-rich pear helps reduce weight gain more optimally.
2. Almonds
Research published in the International Journal of Obesity suggests the consumption of almonds as a substitute for a healthy snack.
This study found that people who eat 70 almonds daily can lose weight by 18% within six months.
Some researchers convey, the content of almonds contain fat tired, protein, and fiber that make a person feel full longer.
3. Green tea
The benefits of green tea can be proven to avoid heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes.
One study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that a 12-week-long green tea diet could lose 3 kg of a person’s weight.
Beyond that people who diligently consume more green tea is not often attacked by pain in the waist room and hips. Some researchers think of caffeine and catechin content in green tea, increase the number of calories burned in the body and increase fat oxidation up to 24 hours.
4. Chili powder
The results of the research presented in the Biophysical Society’s on th. 2015 show that by giving capsaicin (content in chili), play a role to avoid body weight to be added.
Compounds of capsaicin have the power to burn fat in the human body and turn it into power.
5. Milk and butter
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that women who ate a serving of milk or cheese gave a natural lower risk of weight gain.
The authors of this research believe that the full fat content of the impotence can give a sense of power that more and more other foods in diet women.
With the consumption of milk and butter give the role of hormones speed up a metabolism.
6. Eggs
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition tells one study of eggs. Where people who make eggs as a breakfast menu to resist the hunger and eat too much during the former day.
This sort of thing happens because the protein content received in the stomach moves more slowly than the role of carbohydrates in the body. http://norgecanadagoose.org/2018/05/27/impact-of-coffee-in-the-morning-just-sugestion/

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