Reduce Drinking Coffee When Want To Join Baby Tuber Program

May 31, 2018 |

efek samping ling shen yao Jakarta, Coffee will also be so healthy when taken when the right, with a size that is not too excessive. Drinking coffee very much when doing tube baby program can reduce the chances of success of assisted fertilization system. Even also according to some experts, the impact of coffee is very much time to do baby tube program as bad as the routine of smoking.

Both of them can cause the same system of conception or embryo planting into the natural uterus of failure. Not yet in the know of why coffee can cause such a bad impact on the success of the IVF program. Suspicion that the content of caffeine is the trigger is also still doubtful until now because the same impact is not found in caffeinated beverages. “If we believe that caffeine is causing the damage, so should we also say tea,” “said Dr. Ulrik Kesmodel from Aarhus University Hospital who did the research as taken from the Telegraph, Thursday (07/05/2012).

In research conducted by Dr. Kesmodel, 5% of the approximately 4 000 women surveyed admitted the general consumption of coffee to 5 cups / day. Although actually according to Dr. Kesmodel, safe limit for those who want to do the IVF program is 5 cups only. In th. 2008, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) says that pregnant women are advised not to consume caffeine more than 200 mg / day.

More than that size, so the risk of miscarriage as well as babies born with low body weight will also increase. However, in a suitable size the coffee is still believed to provide many benefits for health. Unless it has anti-oxidant properties that can fight cancer, coffee also has a specific compound content that can avoid senile when entering the elderly. (up / ir)

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