Why Are Old People Hard to Lose Weight?

Jun 2, 2018 |

efek samping trulum When the age so added desire to lose weight will feel more difficult than when young. In fact it’s all because of `good` fat as less effective. Some middle-aged people who feel anxious are not interesting anymore. Beyond that, weight gain also disrupts health. Some scientists found, there are two types of fat in this body.

White fat that lives under the skin of the stomach and thigh is the result of eating very much. Then there is a fat chocolate whose job brings heat. This is done to improve metabolism. It has long been known that babies have brown fat around the shoulders to help keep their body temperature after birth. But now the fat disappears in the baby because it is no longer needed. Chocolate fat that will continue until adulthood and women have more fat brown in the appeal of men.

Currently, in the most recent research some Japanese scientists find the older age of a, thermogenic busyness (heat production) in brown fat shrink. This means being less active and slightly burning bad white fats. A common complaint is that parents should work 2x harder with their diet and exercise to get 1/2 result from young people, said Dr Gerald Weissmann, Chief Editor in FASEB Journal who published the results of the study as taken Dailymail, Monday (6/1) / 2014).

According to Dr. Wissmann, with research it can be in the know why older people are difficult to thin because brown fat stopped working at the same age. Unfortunately, to reactivate, we should eat more salads and proteins without any fat, and have to climb more miles on the treadmill than our younger counterparts, Dr. Weissmann said. Organ fats are related to diabetes and heart disease. Putting fat in the stomach can increase the risk of heart problems.

The superiority of three or four-inch fat around the abdomen can be an external signal of fat build up in the arteries. People over 45 years old. to protect his weight is still stable need to eat 200 calories less / day on the appeal of the younger. In fact, there are many theories about how to avoid the spread of fat in the age of 1/2 age. One study recommends eating low-fat, high-carbohydrate diets may be key to be slim, but this diet is only efficient when consumed carbohydrates come from high fiber, food that is not picked. Another expert, Marie Savard, delivered, the best choice of 30 to 45 minutes of intensity exercise is at least five days a week. (Mel / *) Read Also: Burn Fat, Muscle Shape with `Kettlebel`5 Sleep Argument Affects Your Weight Central Midnight Dinner Without Fat Fear

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