10 Foods That Need to Shun Away Approaching Marriage

Jun 4, 2018 |

trulum.synergy review Jakarta: Approaching the wedding day, many prospective brides are uncomfortable with the shape of his body. Undeniably, things like this happen because the bride wants the best results on her wedding day later.
There is a strict diet, gym addict, to the extreme that is to spew food that has entered the body. In fact, there is a special diet that can be followed before her wedding day.
However, very few follow the appropriate diet before the wedding day. Indeed, to lose weight for perfection on the day of marriage, you do not need to do a strict diet and a gym addict.

All it takes is to include healthy, nutritious foods that are low in fat and full of protein and nutrients. For example, green vegetables and fruits that can help lower body weight, stay fresh and obtain a radiant skin. However, there are many foods that need to be shunned before your wedding day. If you want to look great when wearing a wedding dress, you should avoid some type of food below written from boldsky, Thursday (11/22/2012): 1. Junkfood
As in the know burger, hotdogs and fries have a high enough caloric value and can lead to an increase in body weight. 2. Soda
Finished doing a lot of activity, stay away from soft drinks. Change with drinks like fruit juice and water that would be healthier. 3. Milk Product
Need you recognize, some types of milk and cheese is difficult to process the body and result in gas bloated. Even cheese and yoghurt can lead to weight gain. Change with milk and low-fat cheese4. Artificial sweeteners
Are you a fan of candy? Stay away from this one snack. Candies can cause tooth decay which result in bad breath. 5. Caffeine
Same with milk, approach the wedding day stay away from caffeinated drinks like coffee. Caffeine can reduce the water content in the body that resulted in you look lethargic. 6. Salty
Stay away from sprinkling salt on food in excessive ways. Salty foods increase blood pressure and lead to dehydration. 7. Champagne
Limit your consumption of champagne. Because champagne is a carbonated drink that can interfere with the digestive system and cause gas in the body. 8. Pasta
Food like spaghetti is so delicious. However, eating it in excess will result in bloating and gas. Because in essence this pasta is made from flour. 9. Mouthwash
Puddings, cakes and other types of desserts can indeed tempt anyone, including you. However, artificial sweeteners and high calories in it can result in adding weight. 10. Nuts
Need you recognize, some types of beans contain some types of sugar that is difficult to be processed that will make you bloated. (ADT / IGW)

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