Bloating Stomach Diet Time, Here’s a Step to Overcome it

Jun 4, 2018 |

kopi hijau nescafe Jakarta: You are not pregnant and your body weight is also not rising when the middle weight down But jeans have been tight at the waist. This situation can take place when your stomach is bloated.
Generally flatulence due to food. But once in a while, the state of health can also result in flatulence.

Try reducing foods that are hard to absorb carbohydrates. Beyond that beans, broccoli, cabbage, plums, and apples. The food is leaning slowly processed and can release some sulfur gas through the intestines.
Eat foods slowly and remember to chew. Without any chewing, food is more likely to enter the intestines and there are high chances of fermenting and producing gas, said Nutrition Consultant Ian Marber as taken the page TimesofIndia, Thursday (25/10).
When the bloating disturbs you and makes life uncomfortable, there are many steps you can take for the less. Begin with a few simple steps: 1. Start today through a healthy way
Let’s start in the morning by drinking one glass of warm water and 1/2 cup of lemon juice, followed by vegetable juice like pumpkin juice. These steps can help to keep the metabolism active. Continue with physical activity such as jogging, brisk walking, or a good workout for the stomach.
2. Do not forget breakfast
This will not help you reduce your flatulence in the office. In fact, it can help your body during a long day.
When you wake up in the morning of the middle metabolic system at its peak, eat something to remind the body that you will eat for a whole day and you need to stay active.
If you want to lose weight, choose a healthy breakfast, it will protect the digestive system active throughout the day and process your food. If not, the chances of gaining a high body weight.
3. Office desk from the food routine
Do a clean table. Do not bring anything out of the canteen. Just sober. Put healthy snacks like wheat crackers or fruits to kill the pain. Always put bottles for water consumption in a regular way. Reduce consumption of tea or coffee. If you can not, optimize it by drinking a cup before lunch with whole wheat bread. 4. Make a healthy lunch at the office We are inclined to eat more and more in the company and then buy it. It would be great if you brought your own lunch with vegetables and meat without any fat (or a healthy protein source for vegetarians). If you can not cook, do not eat fried. 5. Snacks at night are most important in your diet
Heavy habits can make you break for a while and you can feel something you like. You may want a junk food party, but you must be firm with a healthy snack.
6. Do not get to sleep right after dinner
Eat in the afternoon because your metabolism slows down time toward the end of the day. So, before you go to bed, digest your dinner with a light walk for 30 minutes or stay active at home. Clean the plate when you want or clean the kitchen or do the preparation for the next day. (MEL)

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