5 Super Foods for Women

Jun 6, 2018 |

cara pakai smart detox Atlanta – In the current activity, women are often difficult to find the right moment to eat the right foods to the lack of nutrients needed.
In fact, some women do not get enough consumption of potassium, fiber, choline, magnesium, calcium, iron and vitamins A, D, E and C.
Taken from webMD on Thursday (25/2/2106), below are some steps to outsmart activities to get enough consumption:

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1. Egg There are times when eggs are thought to be an arterial barrier, but now you know that eggs are nutrient-rich and may be the side of a healthy diet.
An egg contains more than 10 essential nutrients, including iron, vitamin D, zinc, lutein, zeaxanthin and choline, all supplying high-quality protein and anti-oxidants. Although actually a little food has vitamin D and choline. Thus, most animal proteins lack anti-oxidants.
Vitamin D is thought to help make protection from certain conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and even help the formation of body weight. Vitamin D also works along with calcium to make strong and healthy bones.
Women are more likely to experience osteoporosis and osteopenia, especially after menopause.
2. Prunes
Prun is no longer limited to grandmother’s food. This fiber-rich fruit can accelerate the bowel movement and improve the overall health of the digestive tract. This is main, because women are more often bear the suffering of constipation and gastrointestinal diseases.
Prun also improve bone health. Eating 5 or 6 grains a day can slow bone loss and improve bone density for menopausal women. So much according to research San Diego State University.
According to some experts, such things are due to the content of vitamin K, boron, magnesium, potassium, and polyphenols in the fruit.
3. Greek Yogurt
Greek yogurt (Greek yogurt) has the same calcium content as common yogurt, but with 2 x more protein and fewer added sugars.
Research shows that eating more protein (about 30 percent of daily caloric intake) helps women lose weight and protect muscles. Calcium in yogurt also improves bone health.
4. Salmon
Salmon is one of the most healthful fish. Salmon contains omega-3 fats that can be proven to help fight inflammation and can also make bone protection. Add good to eat fish from red meat, plus processed meat.
Pregnant women who eat salmon also help their babies. In one study it was explained that women who eat fish a little would give the risk of early birth and less severe infants.
5. Pistachio
This bean is one of the healthiest snacks. An ounce of this nut-about 49 grains-provides a variety of vitamins, minerals and useful nutrients.
In fact, one study suggests that eating 1, 5 ounces of almost every type of peanut (like pistachio) as a side of a low-fat, tired diet and cholesterol can reduce the risk of heart disease as the number one killer for women (in the US).
Pistachio is also a powerful weapon against weight gain, because the bean is one of the beans with the lowest fat and calories, just 160 calories per ounce but high in protein and fiber content.
And because consumed by way of peanut skin to slow to eat, women in the end to eat is not too much. In one study, people who ate pistachio skinned obtained calories up to 41% less than those who snacked without skin.

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