Sick Father, Junior High School Get a Blood Sugar Dropper Powder

Jun 8, 2018 |

harga paket smart detox Sugar Father, Junior High School Get Powdered Sugar Drop: Rahma Lillahi Sativa. It is said that diabetes mellitus (DM) or more in the know with sugar pain can not heal, except when the patient changed his lifestyle. But in mid-January 2014, the national media was startled by the emergence of diabetes drug findings of school children from Medan. The herbal medicine in the form of powder is called Kolagit, the abbreviation of Gula Gula Coffee. “” Because taste – it tastes like coffee, “” said the inventor, Gita Adinda Nasution when found in Medan. Remarkably, Gita found the drug when she was still enrolled as a third-grade student.

The idea to make this drug out when he knew the father, Bisman Nasution was diagnosed to bear the suffering of diabetes. At that time Gita still sat in sixth grade. Gita is increasingly concerned when her father’s view is worse, the staggered steps are the problem of the role of other organs. For a moment the variety of drugs and therapy that he tried did not bring results. Although his mother, Lismawati has also applied a strict diet for her husband to keep her blood sugar stable. Not wanting to stay silent, Gita also painstakingly read a variety of books on medicinal plants, especially books about healing based on traditional ingredients Hembing Wijayakusuma. He wanted to make a medicine from the plant to treat the father, only he did not yet know what plants fit. Until suddenly Gita remembered with polio vaccine.

This vaccine is actually a modification of the virus that causes the polio. From there he wondered if diabetes can heal with sugar. “” Then I tried some of the sugar cane, “” he said. Through an undisclosed part of the system, Fita manages to make powders that are the core ingredients of sugarcane. It was dark brown. “” The vaccine is from sugarcane. But there are additions of different compounds. Get rid of this element, or raise that element, until it becomes a new compound, “” explained Gita. Gita gives, he intends to make powder-shaped because diabetic patients are generally naturally decreased the role of organs, until these preparations in the taste more easily consumed and the efficacy is also more quickly felt by the patient, when compared to the preparation of capsules or pills. After that, the new concoction of the third child of four children was immediately given to his father. There was no name yet, and there was no preclinical test yet. After all, according to Gita, herbal remedies minimal risk. One year, his father’s condition is better.

Unfortunately, the father who does not like syringes do not have time to check his blood sugar again. But because it will also perform the pilgrimage in th. 2012 ago, should he also have to do a medical test. New caught when the blood sugar test results are normal. From here Kolagit is also growing. Colleagues of the sugar-filled father also begged the medicine, and felt healed. Because many desires, in the end Gita do production in a fairly large, although based on the home. The buyers are not only from North Sumatra, but to Jakarta, Kalimantan, and even ‘exported’ to Saudi Arabia. So far Kolagit only marketed via social media website Facebook, and in bandrol with the price of Rp 150 thousand for one pack (800 gr). One packet is to be consumed throughout the month.

But Gita bear its price is not standard, but can be reduced for some people whose life is mediocre, even free for group can not. “” I do not dare also say Kolagit is treating, but obstacles. But there is an improvement on the role of the pancreas or the kidneys and stomach, “” Gita said. But Gita assured, this herb powder can lower blood sugar. Beyond that, based on reports from users, follow-up illnesses commonly affected by diabetes are relatively lost after taking the drug, such as ulcers, cholesterol, and high blood pressure. The findings were awarded in the Technology Benefit 2013 exhibition held by Unit for Student Activity Development (UP2KM) USU on December 4, 2013 yesterday. Kolagit finds Gita won first prize. Student majoring in Pharmacy and Food Analyst, Faculty of Pharmacy of North Sumatra Campus (USU) is currently awaiting patent for Kolagit homemade.

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