Kempahlkan Acne with Urine So Trends in the UK

Jul 4, 2018 |

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Kempahlkan Acne with Urine So Trends in the UK

Who is willing to face attacked by acne? In addition to disturbing appearance, skin diseases that also often cause scars. Not to mention, there are several types that cause pain to release pus. To treat acne, both women and men do everything. For those who want an easy and cheap method, DIY treatment (Do It Yourself) using natural ingredients such as tomato or lemon mask is often done. Yet there are other easy acne healing ways that are reportedly more effective. But this step is quite extreme. Namely by rubbing his own urine against acne, dare to try? According to an essay released by the Telegraph site, this treatment is growing in the UK. Those who have trouble with acne do not hesitate to make urine like toner. Perhaps you are thinking that this is quite disgusting and doubting the truth. But according to dermatology from New York, Nick Schultz, urine can be useful for beauty.

Urine contains 95% water and urea components. Urea can indeed function for eksfoliasi. Therefore, there is the possibility of urine has the use of skin care, explains Dr Nick to the site Refinery 29. He also stated if urea is used in various care products, such as moisturizers or products that function eksfoliasi. Urea is good for the skin because it peels dry skin and keeps the water content. The content is even good for treating callus or lumps that usually arise in the toes. But does that mean urine can indeed be a moisturizer substitute? Cream (beauty) contains 10 to 15% urea. While urine less than 5%, said Dr. Nick. In other words according to medical, urine is not recommended for acne because the urea content is considered less significant. Dr. Nick also said so. According to him if you want to take a natural way to fight acne do not have to go too far. He also suggests green tea, apple vinegar, and tea leaf oil as an alternative.Only because a material can do something, and it’s in it, does not mean you can use it arbitrarily. says Dr. Nick. (ami / eny)

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