ZAP Releases Laser-Based Skin Treatments, Overcoming Anti-aging Acne

Jul 10, 2018 |


ZAP Releases Laser-Based Skin Treatments, Overcoming Anti-aging Acne

ZAP has been known as a beauty clinic to remove feathers. But since the last two years, this laser-based treatment has evolved into facial treatments. Today, ZAP offers a variety of other facial treatments with significantly more results than previous treatments. The treatment range, called ZAP Premiere, consists of nine new treatments. Keep using the laser method, but this time the treatments are presented more premium with real results. ZAP wants to offer different to the customer. Now there is a choice of facial treatments with more complex skin problems. In one treatment the outcome can be seen immediately, unlike previous treatments that need several new treatments to be felt, Zap CEO Fadly Shahab said at the launch of ZAP Premiere at Djati restaurant, Jakarta, Tuesday (11/10/2016).

About the price of course the latest ZAP treatment is more expensive than ever because the laser is used more intensely. Laser works not only on the surface of the skin, but also can penetrate the dermis layer or the deepest layer of skin to be more effective, Dr. Endi Novanton, SpKK. Various treatments are offered in ZAP Premiere. One of the favored treatments is 4D Rejuvenation is an anti-aging treatment to tighten skin combined with light peel treatment to brighten the skin. The cost of this treatment is about Rp 4 million. There are also treatments for acne skin problems and remove acne scars. For treatment of acne or Acne Laser Treatment treatment its method by shining the face with a laser to kill bacteria and reduce sebum or oil glands in the face and can shrink the pores. This treatment is worth Rp 1 juta.Sementara acne scar treatment or Acne Scar Treatment works by laser way that will stimulate collagen and pembahruan production process. Its function is to flatten uneven skin due to acne scars. The cost of treatment is about Rp 2 million. There is also tattoo removal treatment or Laser Tattoo Removal, Deep Toning to remove black spots on the face, Laser Peel which is a facial with laser to lift kulot die. Another treatment is vaginal tightening with laser technology. (kik / kik)

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