Physical Reactions When Broken Heart, Stomach Pain Acne

Jul 12, 2018 |

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Physical Reactions When Broken Heart, Stomach Pain Acne

What women’s hearts are not broken when breaking up or knowing the fact that the coveted man does not have the same feelings. Yes, a broken heart because love does not only bring the wound in the feeling alone, but also physically influential. This is the physical change that is felt during a broken heart. Whole Body Feels PainHorms and thoughts that make you feel pain all over the body. It is triggered from your mind about what makes the stress hormone then increase. After that, you can feel dizzy and sick all over the body because of increased blood flow. When a person’s heart breaks become more obsessed with ex-lover or former gebetan. They usually do stalking throughout the former social media.2. Stomach Pain Your nervous system is depressed during stress due to a heartbreak that disturbs digestion. You can feel pain peru or nausea. In addition, the ‘sufferer’ broke his appetite will be reduced.

3. Decreased Immune System Disappointment because broken hearts can disrupt the body’s immunity that affects cell damage. The virus becomes easier to enter so you quickly get sick like flu and fever.4. SkinHormone cortisol is closely related to stressors. When the hormone cortisol increases then also affects the health of the skin that produces more oil in the skin. No wonder, when the stress of breaking up many women who even become spotty and komedo.5 arise. Hair If you are deeply broken heart so the growth of hair becomes disturbed. This is called the telogen effluvium phase, where the hair stops growing or starts to fall out. Therefore, a broken heart must be overcome so as not to torture the inner and physical. The trick is to meditate by breathing deeply; take it slowly. Listen to fast-paced music and get together with lots of joking friends to have more laughs. This can help the body release endorphins, one of the happy hormones. One thing you should not do is lock yourself in the room. Self-isolation will only make things worse. Any way that can make the mind more cheerful will help heal the body, says Gary Lewandowski, Ph.D., professor of psychology at Monmouth University, New Jersey. (kik / ami)

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