7 Smart Detox Foods to prevent Aging

Mar 18, 2019 |

Jakarta, the healthy life Smart Detox that is one of the key long age. For healthy living, we definitely need good nutrition and healthy too. Following some type of food to be beneficial to make ageless and staypeluang usaha smart detox healthy.

1. Olive oil
Four decades hence, some researchers from Seven Coutries Study concluded if the fat is not enough with a single chain (monounsaturated) olive oil in a manner broadly useful to squeeze risk of heart disease and cancer in the islands of Crete in Greece. At this time people also have many yahu if olive oil contain folifenol, a powerful anti-oxidant that can evade type diseases caused by aging.

2. Yogurt
During the 1970s, Georgia location was reported to have a number of community aged on average above 100 years old. more than any other country. Report when it is claimed that the secret of the ages long i.e. yogurt. Although the ability of yogurt in 2 age has never been proven in a way immediately, yogurt that is calcium-rich foods can avoid osteoporosis. Beyond that, the yogurt also has good keeping bakter content digestive health and reduce the risk of suffering from intestinal diseases associated with age

3. Fish
Thirty years old. Thus, some scholars began to study why the Alaska Native communities (inuit) can be detached from heart disease. His argument, according to the estimates of some experts, that is an awesome fish consuming level. The fish is indeed contain much omega-3 fats, which can help lower Cholesterol as well as blockages in the blood vessels and dodged the abnormal heart rhythm.

4. Chocolate cocoa
The ancient society of the archipelago San Blas, Panama registered, have a lower risk of heart disease to nine times compared to the other communities living in Panama. His argument? The ancient citizens diligently once drank cocoa flavanols, which are rich in anti-oxidants that can help create a smooth blood circulation. Protect the health of blood vessels to squeeze meaningful risk high blood insistence, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease and dementia.

5. Nuts
The research group worked on the Seventh-Day Adventists (Christian flow apply healthy living as well as a vegetarian diet) pointed out that if a packed nuts on average have a long age of two 1/2nd. .. Peanuts known rich fat does not grow weary, to avail the same offer this food with olive oil. Peanut mengandungberagam also vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals substances including anti-oxidants.


6. Wine
Drinking alcohol in moderate amounts claimed could make the protection from heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Many type of drinks contain alcohol which can avail it presents, but many memfokuskanya research on red wine. Red grapes contain resveratrol, a substance predicted presents diverse avail it.

7. Blueberry
In one study, published in 1999, researchers from the Jean Mayer Human Nutrition Research Center gave a blueberry extract on mice. The granting of these extracts are given throughout the period of the life of the rat which is equivalent to 10th. human life. Mouse in berries this extract show the extended test time than common rats balance and coordination as they reach for the elderly. Content in blueberries (as well as other berry) suspected could reduce inflammation (inflammatory) and oxidative-shaped kerusahan, which is linked to the decline of memory and motor strength time elderly.

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