Other DBD and Chikungunya

Mar 20, 2019 |

The 2nd type of the disease both spread by the mosquito Aedes Aegypti. Both also show signs of high fever. So, how does a beginner can tell the difference? DENGUEGejalanya DENGUE FEVER including heavy head or dizziness, pain in the joints and muscles, painful swallowing, coughing, abdominal discomfort or pain offset nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, fever, bleeding, and shock. Cycle fever DBD has specificity, down up with patterns similar to the shape of the saddle horses. Children naturally high fever phase at 39-40 ° Celsius. Then would enter into critical phase with the signs of the natural decline in striking her fever (back at 37 ° C). In that phase were suspected patients began to recover.

Though he is in fact experiencing shock syndrome which is characterized by a decrease in body temperature of sudden, rapid and weak pulse, anxiety, natural decline in awareness, the tip of the hands and feet cold, bluish lips is palpable, and the face of the pucatdan body sweating. This critical phase can often coupled bleeding (nosebleeds, red spots appear on the skin, intestinal bleeding, vomiting blood, bleeding gums, blood in the stool or the colour is kehitarnan). Shock may last 2 to 6 days after this started since the signs HE MIGHT appear. If the ongoing shock, DBD is meant also Dengue Shock Syndrome or DSS. Patients with the DSS is not resolved is generally done with death. So instead, in this critical phase could be traversed, so on the day of the 6th and the 7th since signs of DBD, the child was about to enter a phase of treatment.

The fever would climb back down again as the sides of the reaction step treatment until eventually returning to normal body temperature as well as in general conditions better. The child looked active and increased appetite. * Damage Vessels DarahPenderita DBD natural turn on blood vessel walls i.e. character so easily penetrated the fluid (plasma) blood. The permeation of this took place as a result of viral and immunological reactions in the body’s defense system. Result, the plasma into the hollow/loose tissue which would cause signs, such as bad taste in the abdominal cavity when it takes place in the stomach organs plasma hoarding. The permeation of liquids by means of normal blood would stop at this phase of treatment.

In addition, blood viscosity also increases due to the lack of plasma. If you do not selekasnya diakukan with the consumption of fluids-electrolytes, patients would naturally shock. Electrolytes to help thin the blood memekat to oxygen can always flowed into each cell body and shock syndrome can be avoided. The result of the other, the permeation of a continuous plasma resulted in a decrease in the number of platelets in the blood. Platelets are blood components, namely a role in blood clotting system if capillaries break. Decreased platelets take place on day four to five after the signs HE MIGHT appear and walk along the 3-4 days, When the number of platelets is always natural decline until it could not stop the seepage plasma due to leaking capillaries, so bleeding occurs. The risk of a decline in the number of platelets is defined by the level of keparahannya. When the number of trombositnya less than 60. 000, i.e. the risk of bleeding. Less than 20. 000 risk i.e. sudden bleeding.

Lower than 5. the highest 000risikonya, ie brain haemorrhage. The content of the natural decline in the more conspicuous platelets in ongoing bleeding. Although the natural decline in the number of platelets, patients can be saved with the consumption of liquid in jumiah enough. After the patients through critical moments as well as the treatment of entry, the number of blood platelets can be back to normal quickly. * The results of platelet LaboratoriumKadar Control natural decline until mentioned below normal when the number is below 100. 000 as well as gynecologist hematokrit (which marks the ingintalan of the blood) can be proven. CHIKUNGUNYASebelum led signs, virus Chikungunya incubation environment experienced while 2-4 days. The symptoms of high fever, namely the environment 39-40 ° Celsius, but without any of the typical pattern as on BBD. Usually, a fever runs along 3-5 days and then subside. Except for fever, skin patients seen redness (rash) that appears on day 3-5 days, red eye, appear to be signs of flu, often coupled seizures, meal, vomiting, sometimes coupled diarrhea. On the child that gets bigger is generally followed by pain or a dull pain so great on muscles and joints due to the ongoing enlargement of the lymph nodes.

As a result, anyone named chikungunya fever as bone/bone flu. On some issues there are also patients who are infected without any signs of memerlihatkan though. * SendiBagian connective tissue damage resulting in a body damaged by virus attacks Chikungunya namely connective tissue of the joints. Here’s the difference. Chikungunya does not cause bleeding and shock syndromes such as DBD. Free of course, joints and muscles natural pain generally awesome, until patients can not make a path that often suspected natural paralysis. As late as five days after the fever subsided, complaints have arthritis or pain in joints and muscles would shrink. In all this time then the patient can move his body as it was then.

Just in some problems only sometimes masihlah pain persist along tells us the days, even months. This situation usually occurs in patients who have previewed is indeed the story of bone and muscle pain. The disease is also usually not to result in death. * Results Control LaboratoriumTidak look a meaningful decrease in platelet content. If any, is not as powerful as the problem of DBD. The content of hematrokit is also not a natural addition as in the DBD. The turn is important just visible from the lekosit content is growing.

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